Busy Nuthatches – Knole Park, Sevenoaks

It’s currently difficult to get out to watch birds raising their young – so I thought I would share the video I made early May one year at Knole Park of busy Nuthatches. They build their nest in tree-holes and make the entrance smaller with mud to keep out predators who might steal their eggs or young.

As you watch the video you will be able to notice that the parent birds deliver food to their young, and also remove waste to keep the nest clean.

Nuthatches never go far from their nest. If you spot one at this time of year (May) sit still/quiet and you may spot their nest by following their ‘flight-path’.

Apart from appearance you can tell a Nuthatch from a Tree Creeper – another bird that can be spotted exploring the bark of trees looking for food – as the Nuthatch can run up and down the bark of trees looking for food. Tree Creepers can only run upwards, and once at the top of their ‘run’ they have to fly-down to start again.




If you found this posting interesting you may like to view another of by blogs of Jackdaws collecting fur from the deer in the park which they use to line their nests – again ‘filmed’ in Knole Park. Nature has it sorted! A symbiotic relationship between deer and jackdaws